Friday, 26 September 2008

We had a quiet week on the Isle of May this summer. Due to the terrible weather the daily tourist boats hardly came out and we actually had the island entirely to ourselves for a couple of days, which is always lovely. A few years ago the powers that be exerted themselves in a piece of gratuitous vandalism and demolished one of the wartime buildings (Indicator loops hut) in Fluke Street, resulting in a substantial pile of broken brick, which is very slowly being used as hardcore for paths and so on. I did some modest rearranging of the various coloured bits to make this smiley facing the principal keepers house on Fluke Street. My family never noticed so I wonder if anyone else has yet. I admit it is a bit like those tests for colourblindness.

You can see all about what the building was like at The authorities claimed it was hazardous but I reckon it was built to be bombproof pretty near and showed no signs of deterioration. It just didnt fit their image of prettiness perhap.s

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