Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Steampunk weekend away

Yippee! Major Tinker is putting on a whole weekend of steampunkery: the UK Steampunk Convivial. It is to be in Lincoln and you too can see more about it at http://steampunk.synthasite.com/ . We are definitely hoping to go as it looks LOADS of fun.

Also came across this extraordinary site http://www.doctorwhen.co.uk/. the adverts are laugh out loud.

Meanwhile very very busy trying to get all ready for the McMADSAT event I am running this coming weekend. Some steampunkers will be there and if you are reading this before 14th March 2009 and know any steampunkers in Scotland please get in touch urgently as the gentlemen of the press are keen to make your acquaintance.