Saturday, 27 September 2008

Fascinating morning noseying round Reids Gear Works in Linwood, Scotland. The firm is shutting down after 4 generations and the Clyde Heritage Trust hopes to retrieve items not going to auction and also to get at least some of the buildings listed. Very few industrial buildings are listed in Scotland, compared to other types of buildings and this is a very rare example of a complete original that still has many old fittings and furniture.

I have no idea what this object is so if anyone has any idea, do let me know. It seems to have no means to connect it to any power or water or anything but must do something.

The factory specialises in making gears some of which are enormous, also winches and capstans. They first make a very accurate pattern in wood which is used to make the sand mould for casting, then the casting is drilled, milled, ground etc to the correct precision.

I took loads of pics which you can find at Flickr:

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