Sunday, 9 November 2008

Panoramas of steampunkery

I am in a group (Clyde Heritage Trust) that is trying to save Glasgow's engineering heritage before it is all totally gone. I have already taken loads of pictures at the Reids gears factory of stuff (which you can see at Flickr) we would like to rescue and the Trust has been lucky enough to get a very talented photographer (Bill Ward) to take fully-rotatable panoramas to record some of the items we are interested in. Do leave a message if you are in Scotland and would like to be involved in setting up the museum we need to save our engineering past from going to be melted down.
You can see Bill's work at I particularly reccommend the Victorian Toilets and the Crane (

Thursday, 6 November 2008

steampunk music

Thomas Truax is touring and I am hoping to catch him and his bizarre instruments when they are in Scotland. Hornicator seen here. I am ambivalent about the cannibalising of a horn from a windup as I really think all the bits should remain as a windup, but this is still a lovely electrosteam mashup. Looking forward to seeing it live.
10 Dec, Wed, Inverness, Market Bar; 11 Dec, Thurs, Aberdeen, The Tunnels, Carnegies Brae, AB10; 13 Dec, Sat, Glasgow, Twisted Wheel, 73 Queen Street Glasgow G1 3BZ; 14 Dec, Sun, Edinburgh, Hobo at The Bongo Club, 37 Holyrood Rd; 15 Dec, Mon, Sheffield, Grapes16 Dec, Tues, Hull, AdelphiLatest tour updates at:

I couldnt get down to London for the White Night Halloween party but hear it was great. Having to make do with pix at flickr etc.
We are working on a small zeppelin made from dead umbrellas. Having done the sums we reckon it is big enough to carry its own weight and a small electric motor plus batteries, but we havent figured out how to keep the helium in it or indeed how to even get helium without buying a hideous kiddy balloon.